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Slay? Slay. 

I’m obviously not the first to do this edit but since i did, ive seen like 6 other blogs do it and say that they did a thing. odd much since u did it the next day?lol
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His “Oh Shiz Face”

that would be my “trying not to laugh in a serious situation face”




troyler changed your life

youtube changed your life

great people changed your life

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I am literally dying… you-psychopath just liked my reblog! I am literally crying over my little egg cupcake right now! Thanks! <3

Aww ;) <3

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Say hi to Petri, he’s my new favorite little twerp.

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Anonymous: Tyler has 21 Songs in his "Tylers Sleepytime" Spotify Playlist and it also includes Troyes "Fault in our Stars"-Song c: i mean...i was just thinkin about how tyler is lying in his bed,listening to troye and dreaming of TROYLER *-*
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2048: Joey Graceffa Edition

I will be forever addicted to this god damn amazing game of Joey Graceffa gifs in 2048

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Shane talk about suicide.
Don’t do it.
He loves you. We love you. 
Someone will miss you