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"Cocaine, dollar bills and my happy little pill"
"Ayyyyyyeeeee"Troye Sivan (via h0p3less-but-h0p1ng)

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~What’s on my face challenge ~
Hahah! ohh Shane 😂
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(  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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#TRXYE Showing my support. <3


we’re not a fandom.

we’re a family.

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I AM BACK! I had lost my account for the last month due to technical difficulties and now I can finally log in again! I missed everyone so much! And I feel like ive missed so much in the fandoms. Also thanks to those who continually stayed active with RB and liking my posts and I also gained like 200 followers since I been gone, like wut? But I am getting closer to 4k, so when I get there Ill do the usual shout outs and follow spree! 
I hope to start posting regularly again. <3


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Who is the best Tyler Oakley blog??



Please send in nominations for best Tyler Oakley Blog HERE

Nominations so far for this category are:

Blog awards post here.

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